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Apr. 26th, 2009

No idea

My first day (hahaha, ripped off)

Monday will be my first day in my new job... in a new hospital... in a new town... away from the new city I've recently moved to a week ago! :O :p

Should be fun, but still, wish me luck!

This is probably how it will go down...Collapse )


Apr. 18th, 2009

Flower fairy

My Move

I am now officially moved to Canberra.


Still waiting for the rest of our furniture + FIFTY (!!) fricking boxes to be delivered. I'm not sure exactly where the boxes are going to fit. I suspect we'll have to stack them into little forts and mazes in order allow both them and us to exist in the same dimensional space at the same time.

Mar. 20th, 2009

Flower fairy

My exciting news

So.. I have some exciting (though somewhat bitter sweet) news:

I'm moving to Canberra!!

As most of you already know, hubby moved up for work just over a month ago (sad for me *sniffle*). When I got back after moving him up, I was booting around on the Canberra Health website and there just happened (by sheer coincidence, amazingly!) to be an anaesthetic registrar job going at The Canberra Hospital (which was exactly what I wanted). I applied (of course), and then got a call on Tuesday to say that I had got it! Wooo! So, as of April 27th I'm going to officially be an anaesthetic registrar at The Canberra Hospital! Whilst it's sad to be moving away from all of my friends and family, I'm pretty stoked about getting onto the anaesthetic training program, and to be doing it in the state where my husband is working is pretty awesome too! :p I doubt we will be in Canberra permanently, and suspect we will move back to Melbourne eventually (if nothing else, I want to do my intensive care training at The Alfred - I'm double specialising), but for now, farewell all of my lovely friends! I wish everyone much luck & success in the years to come. No doubt I will be seeing you all at some stage or another :)

... oh, plus I'll still write on LJ :p
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Mar. 8th, 2009

Flower fairy

My earthquake dream


Being in Canberra meant that I didn't feel the earthquake (obviously). However, it didn't prevent me from having a somewhat spooky premonition-type dream.

Randomly, the night the earthquake happened I had a dream that I was back at home in Melbourne, and that there was an earthquake that meant I had to run out into the hallway of the apartment block and hide in the doorway ('cause doorways are the safest places in earthquakes, don't ya know?). The next day I got a message from mum that there had indeed been an earthquake... though not quite as strong as the one in my dream (!)

Coincidence.. ? I think not!!

Actually, it probably was :p but I like to think I have special psychic powers! :p :D

Mar. 5th, 2009

Flower fairy

My busiest week

If I ever thought a job was busy I was wrong. After this week at work, I now know what busy really means.

Here follows, a summarised run down of my most recent week in Trauma. If anyone has ever wondered what life is like as an overworked trauma registrar, here it is!

*                                       **                                       *

Thursday: worked from 2pm - 2am (rostered on until 9.30pm). Ran from trauma bay to trauma bay as the patients rolled in one after another (literally). Pager went off every 15min or so as call out after call out arrived in the ED. Referrals too, of course.
Total: food 0, drinks 0, rest time/sit downs 0

Friday: worked from 6pm - 11pm (rostered on until 9.30pm). Busy again, though thankfully not as much as Thursday night! Why people still think it's a great idea to drink and drive is beyond me. Though apparently, if that's not your poison, stabbing a friend/relative in a violent frenzy is the next best thing.
Total: food 0, drinks 0, rest time 0

Saturday: worked from 8am - 11.30pm (rostered on until 9.30pm). Busy.. too busy for one person. Patients stacking up in Emergency, traumas just rolling in constantly. Little old ladies falling in their nursing homes, more drunks, more stabbings....
Total: food 1, drinks 1, rest time 1

Sunday: worked from 8am - 11pm (rostered on until 9.30pm). Run like a marathon. Trauma calls are ongoing. Cubicle patients to be admitted. ICU patients need to be seen. ESSU needs discharges confirmed. I reckon that between the 2 of us, my overnight colleague (friend! :D) and I admitted & looked after the greater majority of the hospital over the weekend! :p
Total: food 0, drinks 0, rest time 0

Monday: worked from 7.30am - 8.30pm (rostered on until 6pm). Now rostered on as the ward reg I get to look after the hundreds(!) of patients I admitted from the weekend. Three sick (+++). One MET call which went to ICU. As for the rest - running again trying to tidy up. Fevers, pain, referrals, tertiary surveys, sick patients, over the phone advice from other units, unsuccessfully trying to transfer patients to other bed cards... frustrating politics.
Total: food 0, drinks 0, rest time 0

Tuesday: worked from 7.30am - 2pm (rostered on until 12.30pm) Rush rush rush. Still two sick patients on the ward. One in particular... but no ICU beds available. Stable on the ward for now. Trying to get things sorted so I can get off for the afternoon. Fantastic colleagues helped out so I could get away. Managed to hand over and get out. Crashed in the afternoon. Went to the p's for dinner. Ranting due to exhaustion and hunger.
Total: food 2 (lunch & dinner!), drinks 3, rest time 1 (extended afternoon)

Wednesday: worked from 7.30am - 10.30pm (rostered on until 9.30pm). What do you know? Busy again (shock me)! My sick patient finally went to ICU - septic streaming, unwell, another MET call. Everyone else needed sorting. Then took over for receiving at 4pm... one rolled in immediately. Another to be seen. A further referred. The wards seemed to settle down (amazingly!). Managed to finish everything but one referral by the time I went home.
Total: food 1(!), drinks 1(!) both thanks to the awesome trauma med reg who went and got me a donught & a smoothie (my breaklunchdinnerfast :p), rest time 0

Thursday: hand over day! Finally! worked from 7.30am - 12.30pm (rostered on until 12.30pm. Ward round. Not much to do. Checked some bloods. Wandered down to trauma bay - noticed it wasn't me working! YAY! Went home :p :D
Total: food 1, drinks 1, rest time... ongoing

*                                       **                                       *

It occurs to me - you definitely choose your lifestyle! It's a good job I enjoy what I do... perhaps not when it's that busy though :p

Feb. 4th, 2009

No idea

My days as the trauma reg

Ah.. you've got to love the 15 hour day. Then, just as we were about to hand over and go home... *beep beep beep*

Trauma call.

Of course.
Because it's all about timing.

Bring on the coffee!!

Feb. 3rd, 2009

Flower fairy

Our wedding, and other events...

I know I'm so completely slack at updating LJ, but seriously, my life isn't all that interesting. I mean, honestly, who wants to read, every day "Today I got up. I had cereal for breakfast. Then I went to work and ran around like a headless chook all day. It was cool. Yes, I am sad and have no life. Then I went home. We had meat pies from the 7-11 for dinner cause we couldn't be bothered cooking. Afterwards, I went to bed"?? No one wants to read that.

So, I figure that if I wait long enough, some interesting stuff may actually have happened, and I can have something substantial to write about! So here it is, update of a few months:

In October, now-hubby and I got married! YAY! :) It was an amazingly spectacular day; one of the best days of my life! :) Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us. The service was beautiful, and lots of fun; the photos were hilarious! loved them :) with lots of posing on the part of all involved; and the reception was one big party - great food, great music, and great company! All in all, a perfect day :) We were quite exhausted that night (=p), but somehow managed to roll ourselves out of bed moderately early the next day to say thanks to relatives etc. A bit of shopping ensued (for him nonetheless!! Shock. Horror.), an early dinner (mmm... freshly made naan), and then on a flight to the honeymoon!! YAY! By the time we got to our destination (Fiji - seriously, everyone should go. SO beautiful, SO breathtaking), we were so exhausted that we slept for 24 hours (waking for meals, of course!). Then came the 10 days of pure relaxation... eating... relaxation... massage...eating... sunbath... eating... Too awesome for words :p And as all good LJers are expected to... photos! (for those with facebook - I have an account with *heaps* of photos up! :D)
Our fairytale wedding!!Collapse )

After the fantastic (read: relaxing) honeymoon, we returned to Melb, with hubby at work and myself on holidays for a bit longer (yes!). Then, I returned to work... in the Intensive Care Unit!! It. Was. H-Awesome. It's like I've found my home at work - so brilliant I can't even explain :) Every day was fun and interesting, and there were a million and one things to learn. And the staff are so wonderful to work with; so highly skilled and relaxed. The number of truly amazing patient-surviving-the-impossible stories I collected up were almost endless, and I was only there for 3 months!!

Sadly, I've now had to leave my home :( and have just starting working as the multi-trauma registrar (generally, we change to a new job every 13 weeks - good experience before specialising fully). I was somewhat trepidatious at first, especially given I'm not surgically orientated in any way, and it's supposed to be one of the busiest jobs in the hospital, but actually, it's not so bad! It is insanely busy (I worked a 15 hr shift the first day with no break, no water, and no food!), but I think that's why I'm enjoying it. It's quite an adrenaline rush! :p I don't think I could take much more than 13 weeks tho. Then, I rotate onto anaesthetics for 6 months (awesome awesome awesome), and then back to my home!! ICU rocks hard :p

In other news, hubby got a job in Canberra! YAY! He is so smart :) So he'll be moving up in the coming weeks. I predict a lot of traveling between the two of us over the coming months, but eventually I'll follow him up once my contract is up at my current hospital (it's a really good job and will help with future jobs etc). So for the moment, we're in a flurry of organising at home with an interstate move, whilst I'm in a constant flurry at work with a multitude of patients. Should be a fun couple of months :p
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Nov. 23rd, 2008

Flower fairy

My wedding photos!

I know I've been really slack since the wedding, and haven't posted anything... but as a quick consolation here is the link to all of our official wedding pics (taken by our *awesome* photographer!) :D


Click on 'Jenny & Glenn'

Password: myers

Sep. 28th, 2008

Flower fairy

Wedding Countdown

6 days to go...

Sep. 23rd, 2008

Flower fairy

My Wedding... forthcoming

Not long to go now! 11 days and counting...

No one tells you how much there is to do in the last 4 weeks! You plod along, all happy and thinking to yourself 'well, everything's pretty much finalised... the church, the reception, the photographer, the cake, the DJ' etc etc... then bam! the last 4 weeks hit you and you suddenly realise you have SO much left to piece together...

Chasing everyone who *didn't* rsvp (SO very annoying!)
Seating order (OMG)
Table layout
Song lists
Running sheet
Writing the order of service
Organising the bonbonnieres
Organising the menus
Confirming the ten BILLION bookings you've made!
Collating all of the times through-out the day
Meeting with the reception centre
Meeting with the DJ
Meeting with the photographer
Meeting with the cake maker

...this is not a complete list! :p

It's all in good fun, though it has been challenging to organise around working nights! :p Still loving it, however :D

Can't wait for the big event! :D Wooo!

And tonight... dancing!

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